Greg Parke

This event was on July 4, 2017 4:00 pm

Definitely not your typical singer/songwriter! Greg Parke might be tugging at your heart strings with a soulfull ballad one minute, and then before know it, you will be wondering where the rest of the band came from as your feet are heading for the dance floor!

Greg Parke gives the term “one man band” a whole new meaning. Using custom built acoustic and electric MIDI guitars, sound modules and loopers, he is able to create an amazingly full sound that seems more like a whole stage full of musicians rather than just one person, all done in real time, with no pre-recorded backing tracks. Combine that with his rich, captivating voice, a very spontaneous and entertaining sense of humor, and you are guaranteed a show that you won’t soon forget!

Since making his professional music debut at the age of nine, Greg’s career has seen him performing in countless venues, ranging from small house concerts, coffee houses and wine tastings, to dance clubs, fairs, conventions and performance centers, to large arenas and outdoor concerts. Equally at home in an “intimate listening” concert type of situation, to providing a solid beat for the dance floor, or entertaining a crowd at a convention, you can rest assured that Greg Parke will definitely help make your event a success.

Besides his well crafted original music (all the songs on the audio player at the top of this page are originals) Greg also performs a broad range of familiar music covering hits from the 50’s to current, including classic rock and roll, folk, pop, and crossover country. Greg also does a special tribute to Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot with classics such as Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, If You Could Read My Mind, Song The Minstrel Sang, Sundown, Affair on 8th Avenue, and many others. This tribute, as well as Greg’s original music, is especially suited for corporate events, wine tastings, performance centers, or any other type of concert or listening situation.

Greg Parke is a fully self-contained one man show, able to provide quality entertainment as well as top notch sound equipment and, if needed, stage lighting. A quick look at the “show past dates” on the schedule page will show a long list of repeat bookings from many satisfied clients. So, whether you are looking for a relaxing, laid back “listening” type of show, or you want to get people moving and on the dance floor, give Greg Parke a try. So many repeat bookings can’t be wrong!

Don’t miss Greg’s new single, Faded Old Flag, his rousing “Thank You” to all our members serving in the armed forces.

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