Raeann Phillips

This event was on July 4, 2017 2:30 pm

Raeann Phillips is an American singer and songwriter who once heard, is not easily forgotten.

Her whimsical Pacific Northwest roots flow through her original music with a fresh voice filled with soulful ease. She is a consummate wordsmith and musician of first hand experiences and distant places travelled within her life as well as a longing of the unknown future.

As a solo artist, she can easily walk into a local coffeehouse or bar and the room immediately warms up to her after a moment into her first song. Her refreshingly approachable and easygoing stage presence combined with her vocal talents leaves the audiences moved.

Once she has left the stage after her last ethereal song the mesmerized audience realizes that they have just seen a major force in the Americana folk music scene.

More recently Raeann has won the 2007 and 2009 Washington State Colgate Country Showdown Competion which means her next stop for 2009 could be Nashville after the six state finals in Coos Bay Oregon. She has also appeared on Fox’s Hit-Series Show “American Idol” in 2007.

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